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  • Deep Granulometry

    This repository contains the data related to the paper "Deep Granulometry: Image based estimation of concrete aggregate size distributions using deep learning" where a deep...
    Institut für Baustoffe | Max Coenen | created 1 year ago
    CNN Concrete Aggregate computer vision deep learning granulometry
  • Visual Granulometry: Image-based Granulometry of Concrete Aggregate

    Introduction Concrete is one if the most used building materials worldwide. With up to 80% of volume, a large constituent of concrete consists of fine and coarse aggregate...
    Institut für Baustoffe | Max Coenen | created 2 years ago
    aggregate computer vision concrete construction grading curve granulometry particle size
  • Concrete Aggregate Benchmark

    The Concrete Aggregate Dataset consists of high resolution images acquired from 40 different concrete cylinders, cut lengthwise as to display the particle distribution in the...
    Institut für Baustoffe | Max Coenen | created 2 years ago
    Concrete Aggregate Grain size distribution Sedimentation Semantic Segmentation