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  • NLPContributionGraph Trial Dataset

    An Annotation Scheme for Machine Reading of Scholarly Contributions in Natural Language Processing Literature This dataset is the result of a pilot annotation exercise to...
    TIB | Jennifer D’Souza, Soeren Auer | created 2 years ago
    corpus machine reading natural language processing open research knowledge graph orkg pilot annotation scholarly knowledge graph semantic web
  • ML_Household_End-use_Load-profiles

    Synthetic end-use specific electric household load profiles for four weather years in 29 European countries. For 2011, the profiles are normalized to an annual sum of 1000 to...
    Institut für Festkörperphysik | Marlon Schlemminger | created 1 year ago
    consumer behaviour cross-country end-uses energy system modelling household load profile neural network open data
  • Beispiel Netzwerkmessdaten

    Ein Auszug aus Netzwerkmessung DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25835/LUIS.2
    LUIS | Reiko Kaps, Christian Götte, Patrick Njofang, Christoph Köhler | created 4 years ago
    Beispiel Examples Monitoring Network
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