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  • Monitoring of hybrid workpiece deviations by process signals

    Dataset includes data resources of subprojects A04, B01 and B05. Investigations of process signals using different process parameters are conducted.
    SFB 1153 | Berend Denkena, Bernd-Arno Behrens, Ludger Overmeyer, Stefan Kaierle, Benjamin Bergmann, Heinrich Klemme, Jörg Hermsdorf, Malte Stonis, Nick Schwarz, Laura Budde, Paulina Merkel, Miriam Handrup | created 3 months ago
    Cross-wedge rolling Laser hot-wire cladding Machining Monitoring
  • Temperature measurement Rotary friction welding Ref

    Temperature measurement Rotary friction welding for Reference experiments
    SFB 1153 | NormanHeimes | created 10 months ago
  • Visual Inspection Ontology

    This file contains all relevant files of the developed visual inspection ontology for documenting visual inspections. The ontology is embedded and implemented in the semantics...
    SFB 1153 | Tatyana Sheveleva, Kevin Herrmann, Max Leo Wawer, Christoph Kahra, Florian Nürnberger, Oliver Koepler, Iryna Mozgova, Roland Lachmayer, Sören Auer | created 1 year ago
    Ontology Visual Inspection