Trajectory analysis at intersections for traffic rule identification

This dataset is a subset of a much larger data collection and used for the analysis of speed- and time-profiles of trajectories crossing different selected intersections. Resulting findings can be used for the intersection categorization according to traffic regulation types.

The six selected intersections (A - F) and the crossing trajectory samples (green) can be seen in the subsequent figure: Intersections

Data Acquisition

The trajectory samples were recorded using an android smartphone while driving a car in and around the city of Hannover, Germany. The acquisition period was from December 2017 to March 2019 by only a single person. The recording of the trajectories has taken place without restrictions in order to reflect a normal behavior of everyday car journeys.

Related Publications:

  • Golze, J., Zourlidou, S. and Sester, M., 2020: Traffic Regulator Detection Using GPS Trajectories. KN J. Cartogr. Geogr. Inf.

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