Contact-Tube-to-Working-Distance slopes with Gas-Metal-Arc-Welding

Voltage and current signal during Gas-Metal-Arc-Welding. Measurement Data acquiered using National Instruments USB-6361. Current was converted using a "Chauvin Arnoux PAC22".
Welding power source: Carl Cloos GLC 303 PA/3
Welding torch: Abicor Binzel ROBO WH W 500
Welding speed: 0.3 m/min
Process gas: ISO 14175 M21 (Ar-CO2 82-18)
Process gas flow: 18 l/min
Substrate material: Mild steel (S235)
Wire material: EN ISO 14341-A (2011) G42 4M21 3Si1
Wire diameter: 1.2 mm
Wire feed speed: 3.4 m/min

trainings_data.csv is acquired during the welding of a slope with an initial CTWD of 5 mm and a end CTWD of 30 mm.
eval_slope.csv is a repetion of the set-up used for trainings_data.csv.
eval_constant.csv uses a constant CTWD of 10 mm.
eval_lower_wire_feed.csv uses a reduced wire feed of 2.5 m/min.

Description of the columns of the *.csv-files

t time in seconds

U voltage in volt

I current in ampere

CTWD Contact-Tube-to-Working-Distance in mm


Funded by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) – School for Additive Manufacturing SAM.

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Lennart Vincent Hölscher; Hans Jürgen Maier; Thomas Hassel (2021). Dataset: Contact-Tube-to-Working-Distance slopes with Gas-Metal-Arc-Welding.

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CTWD Contact-Tube-to-Working-Distance
I current in ampere
U voltage in volt
t time in seconds