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  • LUH-GRACE-FO-2020

    This dataset has no description

    Institut für Erdmessung | Koch, Igor; Duwe, Mathias; Flury, Jakob; Shabanloui, Akbar | created over 1 year ago
    Climate Change GRACE-FO Gravity Field Recovery Inter-Satellite Ranging Mass Change Monthly Gravity Field Solution Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Time-variable Gravity
  • Robot based phase centre corrections for new GNSS signals

    This zip package contains two files, with Phase Center Corrections (PCC) for receiver antennas in the ANTEX format for the following frequencies: - GPS: GL1C, GL2W and GL5X -...
    Institut für Erdmessung | Johannes Kröger, Yannick Breva, Tobias Kersten, Steffen Schön | created over 2 years ago
    GNSS GPS Galileo Geodesy PCC PCO PCV Phase Centre Corrections field robot navigation
  • GPS code phase variations (CPV) for GNSS receiver antennas

    This dataset provides first experimental code-based GPS receiver antenna calibrations for analysis and integration in practical applications. Please note, that the data is in...
    Institut für Erdmessung | Tobias Kersten, Steffen Schön | created over 3 years ago
    Code Phase Variation GNSS GPS Group Delay Variaion ambiguity resolution antenna calibration field robot navigation
  • LUH-GRACE2018

    LUH-GRACE2018: A new time series of monthly gravity field solutions from GRACE
    Institut für Erdmessung | Igor Koch; Majid Naeimi; Jakob Flury; Akbar Shabanloui | created over 2 years ago
    Climate Change Earth gravity field monthly solutions Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment Leibniz University Hannover - Germany Precise Accelerometry SST geodetic GNSS receiver low-low Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking
  • Astrogeodetic vertical deflections along two profiles in Germany for the vali...

    For high resolution gravity field modelling in Germany, global geopotential models are combined with terrestrial gravity field data and topographic information from high...
    Institut für Erdmessung | Christian Voigt, Heiner Denker | created over 3 years ago
    EGM2008 GOCE GPS-levelling control surveys global geopotential models gravity field height references surfaces validation vertical deflections
  • GNSS mass market and geodetic receiver benchmark study

    This dataset contains a bundle of 5 mass market receiver (ublox Neo M8T) and three geodetic graded receiver (Leica GNSS1200+GNSS, Septentrio PolaRx 5TR, Javad Delta TRE_G3T)...
    Institut für Erdmessung | Tobias Kersten, Jens-André Paffenholz | created over 3 years ago
    GNSS GNSS receiver bench mark GPS Geodesy geodetic GNSS receiver mass market receiver receiver technology sensors signals