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  • SemEval-2021 Task 11 Shared Task Dataset

    NLPContributionGraph - Structuring Scholarly NLP Contributions in the Open Research Knowledge Graph Background NLPContributionGraph was introduced as Task 11 at SemEval 2021 for...
    TIB | Jennifer D'Souza and Sören Auer and Ted Pedersen | created 5 months ago
    dataset language resource natural language processing open research knowledge graph scholarly knowledge graphs semeval shared task
  • STEM-ECR-v1.0

    Grounding Scientific Entity References in STEM Scholarly Content to Authoritative Encyclopedic and Lexicographic Sources The STEM ECR v1.0 dataset has been developed to provide...
    TIB | Jennifer D’Souza; Anett Hoppe; Arthur Brack; Mohamad Yaser Jaradeh; Soren Auer; Ralph Ewerth | created over 1 year ago
    entity classification entity linking entity recognition entity resolution evaluation corpus language resource word sense disambiguation