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  • Trav-SHACL: Benchmarks, Experimental Settings, and Evaluation

    This collection includes all the data and scripts necessary to reproduce the results from the experimental evaluation of Trav-SHACL at WWW'21. The data is modified data from the...
    TIB | Mónica Figuera, Philipp D. Rohde, Maria-Esther Vidal | created 6 months ago
  • SlideImages

    Please note: this archive requires support for dangling symlinks, which excludes the Windows operating system. To use this dataset, you will need to download the MS COCO 2017...
    TIB | David Morris, Eric Müller-Budack, Ralph Ewerth | created 7 months ago
    classification dataset document figure classification educational documents
  • First NFDI4Chem User Survey

    NFDI4Chem Online Survey 2019 Dataset In preparation of the NFDI4Chem proposal for the National Research Data Infrastructure in 2019 the NFDI4Chem team conducted a online survey...
    TIB | Sonja Herres-Pawlis, Oliver Koepler, Johannes Liermann | created 10 months ago
    NFDI chemistry
  • STEM-ECR-v1.0

    Grounding Scientific Entity References in STEM Scholarly Content to Authoritative Encyclopedic and Lexicographic Sources The STEM ECR v1.0 dataset has been developed to provide...
    TIB | Jennifer D’Souza; Anett Hoppe; Arthur Brack; Mohamad Yaser Jaradeh; Soren Auer; Ralph Ewerth | created over 1 year ago
    entity classification entity linking entity recognition entity resolution evaluation corpus language resource word sense disambiguation
  • A Neural Approach for Text Extraction from Scholarly Figures

    A Neural Approach for Text Extraction from Scholarly Figures This is the readme for the supplemental data for our ICDAR 2019 paper. You can read our paper via IEEE here:...
    TIB | David Morris, Peichen Tang, and Ralph Ewerth | created over 2 years ago
    computer vision document analysis machine learning