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  • News Data and Embeddings

    This is the text data and the trained embeddings that we used in our paper "Debiasing Word Embeddings from Sentiment Associations in Names".
    L3S | Christoph Hube | created 9 months ago
  • ORKG QA table dataset

    A collection of tables collected from the open research knowledge graph (ORKG) infrastructure, with a set of questions about these tables.
    L3S | Mohamad Yaser Jaradeh | created 4 months ago
    dataset orkg question-answering
  • OER sample data-set

    This data-set includes information about a sample of 8,887 of Open Educational Resources (OERs) from SkillsCommons website. It contains title, description, URL, type,...
    L3S | Mohammadreza Tavakoli, Gabor Kismihok | created 2 months ago
    Metadata OER Open Educational Resource