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  • LUCOOP: Leibniz University Cooperative Perception and Urban Navigation Dataset

    A real-world multi-vehicle multi-modal V2V and V2X dataset Recently published datasets have been increasingly comprehensive with respect to their variety of simultaneously used...
    i.c.sens | Jeldrik Axmann, Rozhin Moftizadeh, Jingyao Su, Benjamin Tennstedt, Qianqian Zou, Yunshuang Yuan, Dominik Ernst, Hamza Alkhatib, Claus Brenner, Steffen Schön | created 1 year ago
  • i.c.sens Visual-Inertial-LiDAR Dataset

    The i.c.sens Visual-Inertial-LiDAR Dataset is a data set for the evaluation of dead reckoning or SLAM approaches in the context of mobile robotics. It consists of street-level...
    i.c.sens | Raphael Voges | created 3 years ago
    SLAM autonomous driving camera dead reckoning ground truth imu inertial laser scanner lidar localization odometry robotics visual
  • i.c.sens Stereo Image Vehicle Dataset

    The i.c.sens Stereo Image Vehicle Dataset is a dataset for vehicle detection, pose estimation, and reconstruction. It consists of street-level stereo images and delivers...
    i.c.sens | Max Coenen | created 3 years ago
    Pose Estimation Stereo Images Vehicle Detection Vehicle Reconstruction
  • i.c.sens Multi-view pedestrian tracking dataset

    This dataset was acquired for the purpose of collaborative pedestrian tracking from multiple viewpoints. This dataset consists of 29 image sequences which capture trajectories...
    i.c.sens | Uyen Nguyen | created 3 years ago
    collaboration multi-view pedestrian detection pedestrian tracking
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